inDJnous DJ Academy associated with Pioneer ProDJ


inDJnous DJ Academy associated with Pioneer Pro DJ is one of the leading DJ training schools in Eastern India. The classes are conducted by Kolkata’s well known DJ, DJ HARISH, and the curriculum of the course is based not only on the technical aspects of DJing but emphasis are also laid on musical base and theory.

InDJnous DJ Academy is the only DJ training school in Eastern India which is associated with Pioneer Pro DJ, world’s leading DJ Gear Manufacturers, and the students are trained using the finest and up to date equipments and technology.

The students of the academy are not only trained the art of DJing but they are also groomed to be successful professionals. For past 8 years the academy has produced many of the leading DJs of Kolkata who have made names for themselves playing in various night clubs as well as freelance DJs all over India.

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