"Wagah Road" is a concept, a new hope, a rendition of Sufi music at its best. The brainchild of Harish Lakhmani and Siddharth Pathak Wagah Road was conceptualized to promote world music. While spreading the message of peace, love and harmony through their music, the Sufi band includes the beautiful blend of musical instrument from different parts of the world. The Cajon from Cuba, the Darbuka from Persia, the Do tara, tabla, flute and banjo from India show off the multi ethnicity present in music and their amalgamation in a synchronized harmony known as "WAGAH ROAD" - The Sufi Fusion Band.

The influence in the music reproduced by the band can be traced across the borders into Pakistan and Arabia. The sensitive renditions of the works of composers from the Indian sub-continent, popular compositions that make Wagah Road bridge the gap across diverse groups and genres appeal to all realms and age groups.

In short of time, Wagah Road has earned for itself an earnest reputation as a band. To experience a performance by this erstwhile band is a step towards musical salvation; in terms used by the Sufi Saints, a glimpse into the gateway to heaven.

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